For more than a decade, respect for civil liberties and space for political dissent has continued to erode in Venezuela. Following elections in 2013, which the ruling party narrowly won, the economic decline has accelerated, the violent crime rate remains and citizens have taken to the streets for change.

For more than a decade, IRI has helped safeguard democratic space, promote civic participation and support of those who desire peaceful change.

Since 2009, IRI has brought local organizations together with elected officials to discuss public policies and strategies focused on community interests and quality of life while encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process. We help national leaders to respond to citizen needs by encouraging issue-based policy discussions.

We also encourage the preservation of space for independent journalism to allow more access to information among marginalized sectors. We encourage a wide range of civil society actors to identify and articulate local issues of concern and to promote inclusive public dialogue. We also highlight the importance of building relationships and communication mechanisms among civil society, elected officials, local media and citizens.

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