By The People Podcast: The Fight for Freedom in Iran with Masih Alinejad

Join host Antonia Ferrier as she sits down with activist and journalist Masih Alinejad, an international leader in the fight for women’s rights and democracy in Iran, to discuss the crucial role that women play in the fight for freedom around the world.

Masih was born and raised in Iran and began her career as a journalist within the country, where she wrote critically of the regime for various Iranian newspapers. She fled Iran in 2009 and in 2014 launched several successful social media campaigns drawing attention to the persecution of women under the Islamic Republic.

In this episode, Masih speaks to the fight against the compulsory wearing of hijabs and the rights of women throughout the world under authoritarian regimes, “I think we are not going to get anywhere if we don’t unite with other women across authoritarian regimes. That’s why, recently, I launched a new hashtag called ‘United Against Gender Apartheid.’ To echo the voice of many other women who has been working in this field from Iran to Afghanistan to ask the leaders of the free world to classify gender apartheid, to expand the definition of apartheid, in all international laws, to include gender as well … when I see women of Africa joining the hashtag I got goosebumps.”

Listen along each month as Ferrier explores the stories of freedom fighters around the world – everywhere from Ukraine to Venezuela, Taiwan to Nigeria. ‘By the People’ highlights the grave challenges facing global democracy, as well as the bright spots where democratic institutions are taking root.

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