CNN: White House ‘disturbed’ by NGO crackdown

White House ‘disturbed’ by NGO crackdown

JAY CARNEY: We’re deeply disturbed by the crackdown against NGOs in Egypt, including the filing of charges against Americans.  Groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, and many others, both American and Egyptian, have done nothing wrong.  Their only assignment is to support Egypt in its transition to democracy.

These groups and individuals associated with them do not fund political parties or individual candidates.  Many of these groups have worked in Egypt for several years, and so their activities are not new.  Moreover, they also served as observers for the recent parliamentary elections at the request of the government of Egypt.

Now, we continue to communicate at all levels with the Egyptian government on our grave concerns regarding the crackdown against NGOs in Egypt.  We have underscored how serious a problem these actions are.  We have said clearly that these actions could have consequences for our relationship including regarding our assistance.

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