A talented young woman from the Orjan district of Al-Oyoun, Jordan, Nihad Bani Sa’eed, is an impressive new graduate of IRI’s Empower program. (Lean more about our Empower program here)

“I gained a lot of life skills that benefitted me personally and professionally,” says Nihad, explaining that using the skills she learned in the Empower program positively affected her personal life with her husband and children as well as helping her find a rewarding job.

“Throughout the Empower program’s leadership-oriented workshops and trainings, I was able to hone my skills,” she says, “using better communication techniques, I was able to impress my interviewers, and even negotiate for a better salary!” Nihad recently started a new job in Kuwait as a Technical Supervisor at a preschool designed specifically for children with disabilities. She supervises teachers’ performance and lesson plans, and then tracks students’ progress in achieving educational milestones.

In addition to being an Empower graduate, Nihad also participated in IRI’s Persons with Disabilities program, which aims to better integrate persons with disabilities into community affairs, the political process, and the economy. She served as a liaison to help facilitate meetings and workshops for persons with disabilities in Ajloun Governorate.

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