One year ago I had the honor and privilege to participate in the launch of Generation Democracy in Dakar with fifty other young people from West Africa.

What was extraordinary was the intensity of the debates, the common will of each of us to want to change not only our country but the world! We understood that together we are stronger. So we agreed through a charter on fundamental principles that should guide us as young people.

On our return from Dakar, we felt part of a large family of youth resolutely committed to advancing democratic principles in our country and wanting to expand this experience to our comrades.

This was materialized through the feedback session of the Dakar charter with more than thirty young Malian leaders from political parties and civil society.

A few months ago, I went to Dar Es Salaam. Again, this young African region was living the same realities that we had and almost the same needs, and so I relived a bit of Dakar. The three-day conference brought together young leaders from across the region, including Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania. Through the event, participants shared best practices for engaging youth in political and civic life and giving youth a greater voice in the governance of their communities. It was the opportunity for us to discuss leadership and how young people can unite in a common purpose for democracy and good governance in their nations.

We then see that GenDem meets a real need; uniting youth today so we know how to deal with democratic governance challenges of tomorrow. GenDem motivates and improves each member’s leadership abilities and opens the door of success both personally and collectively.

The opportunities of meetings and exchanges at the national or regional level will help build networks of friends with whom we share the same values.

Every activity we lead now has greater scope at the national and international levels. The friendships formed by GenDem make sure our events are better relayed on social networks and we can always count on the advice of our GenDem fellow activists who faced the same situations we are experiencing.

The change is only possible when a critical mass is involved for common causes. GenDem today creates the right conditions for the emergence of a critical mass of young people acting for a future world more just, free and democratic.

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