The International Republican Institute (IRI) hosted John Kane-Berman, Chief Executive of the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR), to brief members of the Washington’s foreign policy community, including individuals from the Department of State and prominent nongovernmental organizations.

During his talk, Kane-Berman offered a critical appraisal of key political, social and economic trends and prospects as the presidency Thabo Mbeki ends and the African National Congress leadership changes.  He also offered a frank evaluation of South Africa’s economic and demographic outlook, and provided insightful projections about Jacob Zuma’s role as leader of the ANC and presidential favorite in 2009.  

SAIRR, an IRI partner since 1994, has the objective of promoting South Africa’s success as an open, free and prosperous society based on the principles of private enterprise and liberal democracy.  

Established in 1929, and headed by Kane-Berman since 1983, SAIRR is one of South Africa’s leading research and policy organizations.  Hosting regular briefings for government and business leaders as well as contributing to the South African and international press, the Institute provides unpartisan analysis on current national issues. 

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