Jakarta, Indonesia – IRI today released its poll of Indonesia public opinion and executive summary of the findings.  The poll, conducted June 19-27, 2013, found that the economy and corruption are the two issues that concern Indonesians the most.  When asked to what extent they felt each was a problem, 61 percent of respondents identified corruption as a very serious problem, 43 percent said the same about price increases, as did 42 percent in regards to unemployment.

Notably, Indonesians are generally positive about the elections and a majority felt that they will be credible.  Indonesians reported a strong inclination to vote in the 2014 parliamentary elections, with 76 percent saying that they would definitely vote.  Survey data revealed a high number of undecided voters indicating that the race is still very fluid.

The data collected will be used in IRI’s programming prior to the 2014 national elections in Indonesia to assist political parties in creating electoral platforms which address the issues of greatest concern to the Indonesian people.

The randomly selected sample of 2,290 men and women of voting age was collected nationwide.  The study was designed and fielded by Lembaga Survei Indonesia under the supervision of IRI and Rob Varsalone of Maven Public Affairs.  The margin of error for the national sample does not exceed plus or minus 2.1 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.  The survey had a response rate of 87 percent.

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