Washington, D.C.— Government decentralization and an accompanying devolution of authority across fiscal, administrative, and political arenas provides citizens with the opportunity to deepen engagement with their government. However, successful decentralization relies on balancing central and subnational power, building citizen understanding of the process, and strengthening the capability of local officials to carry out their new responsibilities.

To support government officials, citizens, and civil society contribute positively to decentralization efforts, the International Republican Institute (IRI) has developed the Decentralization Resource Guide: Best Practices, Tools, and Tips for Strengthening Subnational Democratic Governance. Drawing on field research in Nepal and Mozambique- two countries that have recently decentralized- this Guide outlines decentralization’s forms and benefits, common challenges during implementation, and tools for local stakeholders to strengthen citizen outreach, transparency, and service delivery at subnational levels. 

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