Washington, D.C.—  IRI announces the launch of a new focus group capacity under its Center for Insights in Survey Research. The focus group research – called Insights in Focus – will be available on IRI’s website.

“We’re proud of how these tools have helped advance democracy and effective governance,” said IRI President Mark Green. “Insights in Focus will help us do even more to dive deeper into issues not easily identified through polls and other methods of data collection, enhancing our appreciation for the challenges and opportunities faced by different societies.”

IRI has used focus groups for years to enhance our understanding of factors that are not easily identified through quantitative research, with the aim of improving our programming. The publication of focus group reports will enable us to share these insights with a broader audience, strengthening understanding of the following key areas: gaining insights into culture, values and beliefs; testing the efficacy of messages; discerning barriers faced by marginalized populations; and assessing needs to improve IRI programs.


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