IRI Observes Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential and Legislative Elections

  • Alyssa Rickard

The International Republican Institute (IRI) deployed a mission to Nigeria to observe the country’s presidential and legislative elections held on February 23, 2019 after a one-week postponement.

IRI, in partnership with the National Democratic Institute (NDI), conducted a joint international observation mission to Nigeria for presidential and legislative elections. The 40-person mission, with members from 19 countries, was co-led by: former Vice President of The Gambia, H.E. Fatoumata Tambajang; NDI President, Ambassador Derek Mitchell; and IRI President, Dr. Daniel Twining. A preliminary statement was released by the mission on February 25 detailing the delegates’ findings and issuing recommendations to electoral stakeholders to improve elections in Nigeria. Below are pictures from election day. 

Polling Officials Organizes Election Materials before Distribution to the Polling 
Poll Workers Set Up a Polling Unit 
Voters Queue Up to Vote
Smart Card Reader Authenticates Voter Fingerprints  
Citizens Verifying their Polling Unit on the Voters Register
Mission Leadership Filling Out Observer Checklists on Election Day  
Proud Voter in Abuja 
Voter Casts Ballot for the Presidency 
Voter Reviews Ballot in the Voting Cubicle 
Nigerian Displays his Permanent Voter Card 


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