With the establishment of the first and only bicameral governing body among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Oman has steadily progressed toward a more representative government – one that can be seen as a model for other members of the GCC.

Recently, IRI completed the second of a three part legislative training program for committee staff from the Majles A’Shura (lower house) and the Majles A’Dowlah (upper house). The one-week program focused on the various approaches to bill drafting, presentation and application. In addition, IRI discussed committee-specific issues with relevant staff to identify areas where IRI assistance can make the greatest impact.

At the successful completion of the training, the Majles leadership invited IRI to engage (for the first time) members from the elected Majles A’Shura on topics related to their roles as elected officials and responsibilities to their constituents. This invitation represents an important milestone in IRI’s relationship with the Omani Parliament.

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