Learning Without Boundaries: Introducing IRI’s New Ukraine e-Learning Platform

Since 1994, IRI has been at the forefront of working at the regional level to strengthen multi-party political systems, enhance civil society, promote democratic governance and foster unity efforts in Ukraine.

Throughout the years IRI has developed innovative ways to bring the Ukrainian government closer to their citizens and encouraging it to become a responsive, transparent, effective institution.

To enhance these efforts, IRI has launched a new e-Learning Platform (ELP), an educational online resource for Ukrainians seeking to learn more about their own government, the principles of democracy, and best practices in good governance. This website, developed with support from the United States Agency for International Development and Global Affairs Canada, seeks to share practical knowledge of democratic principles with Ukrainian citizens and government officials through online seminars, in-person workshops, and educational materials developed by IRI.

Whether you are a young Ukrainian just starting to becoming interested in your government, a citizen who wants to become more engaged in advocating for your opinions and needs, a member or activist of a political party, or a government official, the ELP provides educational materials, videos and training programs that relay the best in political and civic education from Ukrainian and international experts.  Visitors and users of the ELP can access a calendar of IRI’s upcoming events; find information about how to apply to participate; review IRI news and information about previous events; and read success stories about our participants. 

You can visit the ELP by going to www.iri.org.ua

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