Lindsey Graham Tackles Putin’s Propaganda in Premiere of IRI Podcast “Global”

Washington, D.C.— “Global” a new podcast series by the International Republican Institute (IRI) premiered today, featuring an exclusive interview with Senator Lindsey Graham on the topic of Russia. 

Speaking to IRI just a few days before introducing a bipartisan bill proposing new sanctions against Russia, Senator Graham argued, “Believe it or not, the biggest beneficiary of Russian sanctions over time will be the Russian people, because it will create the opportunity for change.”

Recounting a recent trip to the Baltics with IRI Chairman Senator John McCain, Senator Graham discussed his commitment to help Russia’s neighbors fight against disinformation. “If we go on the offense and expose the way Putin does business to the Russian people, give tools to the frontline states, stop the expansion of propaganda, pass sanctions…this will bring on [the Putin regime’s] demise,” said Senator Graham.

The inaugural episode of “Global” also featured interviews with Andrew Kramer, Moscow correspondent for The New York Times, and Bakhtiyor Nishanov, IRI’s Deputy Director for Eurasia. “Global” is a monthly podcast that focuses on providing an introductory look at one of the more than 80 countries where IRI works around the world.

Each 45-minute episode will feature discussions with politicians, journalists and other experts on the country’s contemporary situation, historical context and future prospects. “Global” is available to download through iTunes, the iTunes podcast app, and Soundcloud. The next episode will be available on February 1 and will feature Colombia former Colombian president and IRI International Advisory Council Member Andrés Pastrana.  


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