Support Lorne Craner’s Legacy of Strengthening Democracy Worldwide 

On July 2, 2020, the world lost a lifelong champion of human dignity and political freedom in Lorne W. Craner. Lorne dedicated a long and distinguished career to uplifting the hopes and aspirations of people around the world.

“Lorne embodied the vision of President Ronald Reagan, who founded IRI as part of the National Endowment for Democracy, and Senator John McCain, IRI’s Chairman of 25 years, that all people everywhere deserve the dignity that comes from political freedom. His lifelong commitment to values-based American leadership in the world helped millions enjoy the blessings of liberty.”

IRI President Daniel Twining, PHD

To ensure that Lorne’s work and legacy live on, IRI is creating the Lorne Craner Memorial Fund. Through this fund, IRI will support emerging democracy leaders who will continue Lorne’s lifelong fight for a more free, peaceful and democratic world.

IRI is also honoring Lorne’s legacy through the Lorne Craner Memorial Lecture Series. Our inaugural lecturer was The Honorable Robert B. Zoellick. His full remarks can be found here.

A transcript of Lorne Craner’s memorial service can be found here.

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