Washington, DC – The International Republican Institute (IRI) has launched a brand new www.iri.org. This new site enhances IRI’s ability to highlight the work of regional and technical experts, demonstrates the positive impact of its global programs, and provides a historical background of IRI and its deep commitment to advancing democracy worldwide. 

Founded in 1983, IRI has supported democratic movements around the world for almost 40 years. As technology has advanced, strengthening online and digital communications has become an essential part of IRI’s efforts to expand political transparency and accountability on the international stage. It has also become an important part of articulating the sustained efforts of IRI’s staff and local partners, who work on the front lines in the struggle for freedom. 

The fight for democracy will never end, and it is important for organizations like IRI to highlight the many success stories that are often overlooked. This new website allows visitors to better understand IRI’s vision of a freer, more democratic world. 

Today, more people than ever before are raising their voices and expressing a desire to live free from government oppression. They wish to be citizens, not subjects. With this new website, IRI can help share their story and promote the work of staff and local partners, as they assist others who are working hard to build a democratic society in the country they call home. 

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