Green Calls for Increased Support for Ukraine in Testimony before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

  • Mark Green

Washington, DC – Ambassador Mark Green, president of IRI, today testified before the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Ukraine’s recent election, Russia’s aggression and the support Ukraine needs to ensure a strong, independent and prosperous country.

In his testimony, Green outlined IRI’s work in Ukraine and the findings of the Institute’s delegation that observed Ukraine’s May 25 presidential election, which, as Green said, were “free and fair, and met international standards.”

Green also highlighted the plight of the Crimean Tatars.  “Nowhere have the fears of Russian influence been more acutely felt in recent months than in their community in Crimea…  The Crimean Tatar community…boycotted the illegal Crimean March 16 referendum and rejected its results.  Instead, the community has repeatedly pledged their continued support for a united and sovereign Ukraine.  Now their very existence in their homeland is under threat.”

Green went on to highlight a number of specific actions the U.S., and others in the West, can undertake to support Ukraine’s democratic transition, including:

Green concluded saying, “Ukrainians, not their friends in the West, are responsible for shaping the country’s future.  They have a unique history and rich culture all their own, and they want to chart a path that meets their own needs and aspirations, not anyone else’s.  As one of IRI’s Ukrainian staff proudly stated recently, ‘We went to the Maidan to find Europe, and instead we found Ukraine.’”
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