IRI Poll: Poverty, Unemployment are Most Important Issues Facing Somaliland

Hargeisa, Somaliland – IRI’s most recent Somaliland poll found that 56 percent of respondents believe that poverty and unemployment are the most important issues facing Somaliland.  The poll, conducted June 16-24, 2012, is a comprehensive analysis of attitudes regarding the current Somaliland economic, social and political landscape.

Optimism among Somalilanders is strong, with 86 percent of respondents stating they think things in Somaliland are headed in the right direction.  The two most favorably viewed entities in Somaliland are religious leaders at 96 percent and the president at 84 percent. 

In addition, 80 percent of Somalilanders think that Somaliland is either a full democracy, or a democracy with only minor problems.

IRI has been conducting polls in Somaliland since 2011.  The data collected in this poll is intended both to gauge public opinion and to assist IRI’s parliamentary and political party partners with pursuing policies based on issues most important to the Somaliland people.

The randomly selected sample of 1,266 men and women of voting age was collected nationwide.  Analysis, supervision and execution of the poll was performed by Opinion Research Business (ORB) and was fielded by local polling firm Data and Research Solutions under the supervision of ORB and IRI.  The poll had a response rate of 64 percent and the margin of error for the national sample does not exceed plus or minus 2.75 percent.  

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