The Transatlantic Security Initiative

Public perceptions of Transatlantic institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, such as NATO, are being undermined by nationalistic rhetoric and anti-systemic political parties. In the countries of the Visegrad Four, where aspirations for accession to NATO and the European Union (EU) were drivers for democratic reforms, we now see a rise of skepticism for Transatlantic institutions, which have bolstered democratic institutions for decades.

In order to address these trends, deepen the relationships among political leaders in the Transatlantic Alliance, and improve their knowledge of the needs of the Alliance for the coming decade, IRI has established the Transatlantic Security Initiative (TSI). During this first year of the program, TSI is bringing together seasoned elected officials, their staff, and think-tank representatives from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Romania, to form a cohort of current and future leaders in security dedicated to the preservation of the transatlantic relationship. Through a series of workshops and study visits to key components of the Alliance’s defense structure, IRI gives participants real-world experience in order to face the evolving threats to democratic institutions in the 21st century.

In 2022, IRI will build on the initial year of the program by working with outstanding youth to help ensure that the next generation of Europe’s leaders from the aforementioned countries are equipped with the skills they need to be effective advocates for the transatlantic relationship. As a final product, each cohort will produce a white paper for publication. The paper will be based upon the experience participants have gained during the program and will reflect their evolved thinking on how to ensure a stronger, more robust transatlantic relationship.

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