Eguiar Lizundia

Senior Advisor, Governance and Anti-Corruption,

Eguiar Lizundia is a Senior Advisor for Governance and Anti-Corruption in IRI’s Center for Global Impact. In his role, Eguiar leads IRI’s global efforts to promote open government, strengthen legislatures, improve environmental governance, and fight corruption and kleptocracy. He recently served as the editor of The Kleptocrat’s Playbook and has authored multiple toolkits and resources.

Eguiar joined IRI in 2016 and served as Deputy Director for Technical Advancement until 2022. Prior to IRI, Eguiar helped design, implement and evaluate public sector management reform projects in Latin America and Africa at the World Bank. Previously, Eguiar was a consultant in Spain and a researcher in Argentina.

Eguiar holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an International Diploma from Sciences Po Paris and a Master’s of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Eguiar writes regularly for Spanish media outlets and has published opinion pieces in The American Interest, Brookings and Atlantic Council, among others.

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atlantic council

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The focus on political personalities, as opposed to the corrosive effect on government institutions and policymaking, has made it easier for populists to co-opt the fight against corruption.

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