J. John Fluharty

Resident Program Director, Albania
John Fluharty Headshot

John has worked with the International Republican Institute in numerous capacities since 2008, helping to create and implement programming in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and now serves as the Resident Program Director in Albania. He specializes in political parties, elections, civic engagement, public policy development, election observations, communications, and national and sub-national government. During his time as a Program Officer and consultant for IRI, John advised a range of parties, candidates, and citizen-centered groups looking to increase their ability to have meaningful roles in developing democracies. 

As the Former Executive Director of the Delaware Republican Party, John understands the needs of political parties and their supporters when it comes to issue development, fundraising, and communications. As Resident Program Director, John works to help IRI’s program participants understand that success lies at the intersection of public policy and politics. As part of his efforts, John places a priority on helping program participants understand that decentralized structures offer new and exciting opportunities for growth. His willingness to engage participants in areas that differ from normal modes of operation within their countries helps individuals, and organizations, develop new citizen-centered operations that expand support. He has worked on two Presidential campaigns, as well as with civil society organizations. As a Washington, DC government advocate for twelve years, John understands how to support citizen-based groups who are looking to develop strategic plans to influence political leaders.  

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