Matt Lakin

Senior Advisor, Political Parties and Political Engagement

Matt Lakin is the Senior Advisor for Political Parties and Political Engagement in IRI’s Center for Global Impact. Prior to IRI, Matt was the President and CEO of the Data Trust from 2017-2021, the leading provider of voter and electoral data to Republican campaigns and advocacy organizations. Matt was the COO at Data Trust from 2015-2017.   

Matt served in various capacities at IRI in Southeast Asia and the Middle East from 2008-2014, where he collaborated with in-country partner organizations to support free elections and enhance civic education efforts.    

Matt worked as an aid to Republican Leadership in the United States House of Representatives in both the Chief Deputy Majority Whip’s office and the House Republican Conference from 2003-2008.   

A native of Richmond, VA he is a graduate of Hampden-Sydney College.  

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