Meet the GenDem Board

For programs to be relevant, authentic and responsive to young people’s lived realities, young people must be involved in designing, implementing and evaluating activities. 

The Generation Democracy Global Member Advisory Board (GMAB) is a group of 12 Generation Democracy members democratically elected by the Network to design and manage activities that address the Network’s global and regional priorities. IRI seeks feedback on Network activities through monthly meetings, as well as providing GMAB members with opportunities to engage and facilitate both regional and global activities.

Generation Democracy Board Members

The Board’s Vision for the Network

We are a network of young open-minded changemakers committed to championing the future of democracy by utilizing our power as young people to develop a better future for all the citizens of the world.  

Generation Democracy members believe in equality, human rights and active civic and political engagement to address similar challenges and ensure resilient democracies. We believe that youth have the knowledge, power and relationships to make positive and inclusive choices; engage and learn from each other; and foster positive changes that address global challenges to freedom, democracy, equality and human rights. We encourage sharing our successes and failures to promote fundamental reforms.  

We are dedicated to causes that ensure young people – no matter their identity – consciously lead civic and political initiatives in their community, region and around the world. To reach our vision for 2025 and beyond, we, Generation Democracy, commit ourselves to the following actions:   

  • Raising awareness of youth civic and political activity through a strong digital and social media presence;   
  • Identifying and networking with youth-led and youth-serving organizations;   
  • Supporting network members through sharing practical professional development, funding and leadership opportunities that are widely and easily accessible to all members;   
  • Connecting members as peer mentors on the local, regional and transnational levels to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned.   

We are responsible for ensuring this vision becomes a reality and must keep each other accountable. We are creating the future of the world.

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