There are few countries that have witnessed the political turmoil that has rocked Burma over the last three decades. In that time, IRI has worked tirelessly with the Burmese people in support of their quest to build a more peaceful, inclusive, transparent, and accountable democratic society.

Burma Protest

Since 1991, IRI and its partners have built strong relationships with many key political figures and activists inside Burma.  Determined that the future  is one free of the repressive rule of an authoritarian, military-controlled government, IRI supports pro-democracy activists and civil society organizations (CSOs) dedicated to a nonviolent struggle towards freedom and democracy.

Despite the leadership in Burma’s pro-democracy movement, youth and women still hold limited positions of power in civic life. Their priorities are not often represented in decision-making structures. Through Youth and Women’s Leadership Training Schools (Y/LTS), IRI equips emerging youth and women leaders with the tools they need  to  take on greater responsibility within their organizations and communities. Additionally,  participants have opportunities to form and leverage new relationships across partisan, geographic and social divides.

Additionally, IRI conducts public opinion research  to provide information to civil society and other interested stakeholders. This  research provides its partners with information and expertise to effectively identify and articulate the priorities of the Burmese public.

The People of Burma were a 2021 John S. McCain Freedom Award winner

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