Located between Russia and China, a vibrant democracy in Mongolia can serve as a model for other aspiring nations hoping to build for a free and open political system in the Asia-Pacific. Understanding this unique situation, IRI has worked continuously in Mongolia since its peaceful transition to democracy in the early 1990s after many years as a Soviet satellite state. After establishing many partnerships over 3 decades, IRI is currently working to empower civil society, promote constituent-responsive governance and build political accountability, particularly through the lens of women and youth-oriented issues.

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The story of the Mongolian people working closely with IRI spans over 3 decades. An assessment of Mongolia’s political landscape beginning in March 1991 resulted in the formation of IRI’s long-term goal of “supporting a competitive, multi-party democratic political system in Mongolia” with the strategic objective of assisting Mongolia’s democratic political parties to become viable and competitive organizations.

Since then, the International Republican Institute has provided parliamentary development assistance to the State Great Hural and members of parliament, political party development with all major parties and electoral capacity building by working with the General Election Commission.  

Responding to changing socio-political needs and the devolution of central authority in the 21st century, in recent years IRI has shifted strategic focus in Mongolia to build political capacity at the sub-national level, increase government transparency and accountability, promote the political participation of women and youth and encourage active and informed civic engagement.

Past programming has also included building the next generation of Mongolian and regional leaders through cross-cultural exchanges, mentorships and community project implementation in several countries across the continent, highlighting Mongolia as an example of sustainable democratic development and leadership.

Currently, IRI implements a range of initiatives that support Mongolia’s evolving democracy and facilitate its role as a democratic ally and leader in the Indo-Pacific region. Along with its extensive network of civil society organizations and local partners, IRI amplifies marginalized voices by empowering women, youth and persons with disabilities, links citizens with legislators through constructive dialogues, and assists democratic leaders, political parties and policymakers with citizen-centered governance.

As the world continues to witness aggressive authoritarian behavior, particularly in Asia, IRI remains firmly committed to its goal of empowering people on an individual level and strengthening democracy in Mongolia.  This mission is as important as it has ever been.

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