IRI has operated consistently in Thailand to strengthen the ability of Thai political parties to effectively and democratically govern, bolster the voices of marginalized populations and civil society within the governing process, and empower women to actively participate in politics at national and sub-national levels.

A key aspect of IRI’s program in Thailand is to connect political leaders and government officials to the citizens they serve. By providing avenues for office holders to contact and engage with the constituents they serve, especially outside the bustling capital of Bangkok, IRI is guiding leaders to make decisions based on their constituent needs.

IRI’s recent political party work engages all interested parties at the subnational level by advising them on how to develop inclusive, citizen-centered communications and voter outreach platforms ahead of national and local elections. IRI supports policy-based campaigns that inform voters of the vision and objectives of each party. In addition, working with local experts, IRI builds parties’ skills connecting with constituents and crisis communication strategies.

In collaboration with its local partners, IRI regularly and successfully brings together women members of parliament (MPs) and their staff to instill principles and skills related to citizen-centered governance. Many of the female MPs IRI engages with are first-time MPs or parliamentary staff which provides the opportunity to not only enhance skills related to their roles and responsibilities, but also opportunities for representatives of parties from across the political spectrum to constructively engage with one another, with citizens, and with local CSOs to identify challenges and support inclusive policy development solutions. These engagement opportunities also attract significant local media attention and elevate the platform of women MPs.

Due to IRI’s commitment to local partnerships and sustained encouragement for participation in the political process, Thailand has the opportunity to make its political processes more inclusive and representative.

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