IRI is promoting political competition by helping political leaders with policy development and advocacy, and by cultivating a new generation of party leaders. The backbone of IRI’s program in Turkey is public opinion and policy research and analysis. IRI also supports the Parliamentary Advisor Academy program, which helps young legislative staff members improve their professional skills and better contribute to their work in the Turkish Parliament.

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IRI’s work on political parties’ policy development and advocacy gives up-and-coming leaders the tools they need to build platforms based on data and policy research. In this work, IRI supports all democratic parties in Turkey equally, as the policy-oriented nature of the program allows for multiparty work.

Another pillar of IRI’s program in Turkey is empowering young political leaders to take an active role regarding policy development, both within their political organizations and on an individual basis. This is accomplished through an annual youth fellowship program, gathering promising young political leaders and immersing them in collaborative policy training with peers from other parties. More than 50 young political leaders, from every parliamentary party, have graduated from IRI’s Youth Fellowship Program in Turkey, and many of whom continue their work and their relationships through IRI’s alumni network.

The third pillar of the Turkey program, which also serves as the basis for IRI’s programmatic infrastructure in the country, is research. IRI regularly conducts quantitative and qualitative public opinion and specialized research studies. Objective insights from these studies help IRI’s partners in Turkey build their policy and communication strategies in response to the stated desires of Turkish citizens. IRI is also currently working with Turkey’s Grand National Assembly to strengthen the professional capacities of parliamentary advisors. This program provides tailored skills development, helping staff members improve in their policy, legislative, and constituent relations roles for their respective members of parliament. In this regard, IRI’s work with the Grand National Assembly helps the legislative branch maintain a critical balancing role within the presidential system of government.

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