While Nicaragua shares few of the public safety challenges of its northern neighbors, electoral irregularities, constitutional manipulations and the declining capacity of public institutions to operate transparently mark challenges to Nicaragua’s democratic trajectory. 

Our work engages youth in civic activism, promotes greater understanding of democratic processes and increases political and citizen civic awareness.  We help civil society, marginalized groups and political parties gain space to interact with citizens, encouraging them to play a more active role in the country’s electoral processes and align themselves with citizen needs. 

Through our work with women and marginalized groups, we are helping to engage citizens and local governments in addressing the needs of these communities.  Our support of the development of a Nicaraguan women’s coalition among local civil society organizations, is equipping them with leadership skills and training to develop civic initiatives that they can implement directly in their communities.  We also support the ability of women leaders to play an active role in improving their social environment by promoting transparency, accountability and rule of law.  

Our work with independent media is helping them build the capacity to improve civic discourse and provide impartial, informative public affairs programming.

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