IRI has been working with civic and political leaders in Tunisia since the 2011 Revolution, which ended decades of single-party rule in the country. IRI supports Tunisian civil society organizations (CSOs) to encourage meaningful participation in the political process, provides technical training assistance to political parties, and conducts impactful public opinion research.

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IRI promotes democracy in Tunisia by encouraging the meaningful participation of citizens in the political process, building the capacity of CSOs to advocate on behalf of Tunisians, strengthening political parties to make them more responsive to citizen demands, and conducting impactful public opinion research on political trends and issues of citizen concern.

To bolster civic participation, IRI supports innovative Tunisian-led civil society initiatives that provide impactful civic education as well as issue-advocacy campaigns that help lay a foundation for informed and inclusive public engagement. IRI provides individualized assistance on assessed needs such as organizational structure, project and financial management, marketing, outreach, and business development. 

Through its political party programs, IRI provides a range of Tunisian political parties and nascent movements with the tools and expertise to become more representative of, responsive to, and trusted by citizens. Since 2011, IRI has trained numerous party members and leaders through tailored technical assistance, skills-building training, and consultations. 

Underpinning IRI’s programming in Tunisia is extensive qualitative and quantitative public opinion research – national surveys and focus group discussions – that track important social, economic, and political trends and perceptions. Since March 2011, IRI has conducted numerous nationwide public opinion polls and interviews investigating Tunisians’ perceptions of government performance, policy, politics, elections, the economy, and other topical issues. IRI’s research provides valuable insights into public attitudes and priorities to inform decision-making. 

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