New Turkey Report Examines Youth Sentiment on Developments in Country

Amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Turkey continues to struggle with economic challenges driven by rising unemployment and depreciating currency. The public is affected by an ever-changing socio-political environment and the government’s contentious moves such as the construction of Canal Istanbul, withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention, and debates on constitutional changes. The country also faces volatile relations with its Western allies that could impact its international strategic position. Ultimately, a growing number of people in Turkey express concerns about the declining quality of their lives.

With the upcoming general elections in 2023 and a significant youth population in Turkey who will comprise a deciding portion of the voting body, the International Republican Institute (IRI) has conducted focus group research to provide a qualitative analysis on the opinion of youth and their political preferences. The report explores the youth’s sentiment on Turkey’s outlook and democratic state, the labor and education markets, the judicial system and an increasing disconnect between their demographic and the political elite.

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