IRI Survey Shows Majority of Cubans Want to Vote for Castro’s Replacement

Spanish Version

Vilnius, Lithuania – A survey (Spanish Version) conducted in Cuba for IRI indicates that nearly three-quarters of Cubans surveyed (73.9%) would like to vote to decide who succeeds Fidel Castro as President.  The survey of 584 Cubans was conducted from September 5-October 4, 2007.

Other critical findings in the survey are:

The study also revealed a very strong correlation between age and education and the degree to which Cubans support democratic and economic changes.  The younger or more educated the interviewee, the more he or she supported political and economic changes, multi-party elections and the right to vote to decide who should succeed Fidel Castro.

Face-to-face interviews were completed between September 5-October 4, 2007.  The surveyors randomly interviewed, according to province, age and gender, a total of 584 Cuban adults.  The survey has a margin of error of +/- four percent, and a 95 percent level of confidence.  The survey was conducted in 14 out of the 15 Cuban provinces.

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