Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a small, landlocked, politically unstable country wracked by political and ethnic violence. According to the UN, out of CAR’s population of nearly five million people, almost half need humanitarian assistance. In these challenging conditions, IRI is working to promote democratic elections and foster engagement between elected officials and citizens.

Group of Women Speaking in Central African Republic

IRI has developed strong relationships with its partners in CAR, including civil society organizations (CSOs), political party leaders, government officials, media outlets, and international organizations. IRI is working with the National Assembly on the vital task of improving institutional transparency. While a few international partners provide some limited training and advisory support, IRI has been and remains the National Assembly’s primary partner for democracy and governance assistance.

IRI is also training leaders at grassroots CSOs and youth groups to reach out to the country’s most vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women, youth, and people with disabilities. This outreach focuses on transparency in politics and elections, and on improving citizens’ access to reliable information. To reach as many people as possible, IRI works with national radio stations to produce and broadcast news and information programs nationwide.

IRI has also trained community leaders throughout the country. IRI’s Generation Democracy (GenDem) chapter in CAR is one of the most active in Africa, and its members lead civic education activities promoting social cohesion and peacebuilding.

IRI is focused on preparing candidates and leaders for upcoming local elections; this will be the first time in thirty years that they have been held.  IRI is preparing political parties to participate fully and peacefully in the upcoming elections and is helping provide citizens with information on politics, elections, and peace processes.

IRI is also helping National Assembly legislators tackle the critical issues facing the country by, in part, asking for insights and feedback from their constituents about their concerns and priorities. IRI is also working toward local elections by encouraging inter-party discussions designed to encourage peaceful, inclusive, and credible elections.

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