The geo-strategic location of Pakistan plays a significant role in influencing and shaping the dynamics of South Asia. IRI has previously worked in country for over a decade on building democratic resilience in Pakistan

A burqa-clad woman casts her vote during Pakistan's general election

Since 2002  IRI has implemented programs focused on developing the internal structures and campaigning capacities of Pakistan’s political parties. This has helped  thousands of political party members and elected representatives  become more responsive and attuned to citizen concerns and priorities from all across the country. IRI has also conducted extensive public opinion research. Its nationwide surveys have played a significant role in both informing party platforms and agendas while influencing public civic discourse.

Working with USAID, IRI assisted political parties to  build awareness of the concerns of the public and cultivatea receptiveness to public opinion research where there was once heavy skepticism, such that individual parties eventually began conducting their own public opinion research in traditional strongholds as well as constituencies where support for these parties waned.

Separately, IRI has conducted dozens of   surveys on the national and  provincial levelon citizen priorities and attitudes on pressing issues  such as the economy, corruption, and electoral reform. Providing parties and elected officials with information to respond to demands of their constituents. IRI has supported Pakistan’s democratic process by strengthening the country’s multi-party-political systems at the national and provincial level, enhancing democratic governance and encouraging women’s political participation. IRI has also implemented a programwith a specific focus on improving political parties’ engagement and outreach to youth.

As part of this program, IRI will be engaged with political parties to better understand their current policies and strategies for youth engagement and tailor c trainings to improve their strategies based on IRI’s experience  with youth political participation programs around the world.

IRI plans on expanding its work in Pakistan in the coming years and working diligently towards democratic resilience and progress.

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