For nearly four decades, Argentina has been a democratic country in a region known for authoritarian rule. Bolstering the democratic system, promoting women’s empowerment, strengthening legislation, and encouraging transparency at all levels of government are center pieces of IRI’s work.

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In Argentina, IRI focuses on strengthening citizen voices, making leaders more accountable and responsive, raising women and youth voices, and connecting citizens and their government. IRI supports legislative strengthening throughout Argentina by providing technical expertise for parliamentarians and staff to advance legislation. Through exchanges with US counterparts in the Congressional Research Service (CRS), Congressional Budget Office, Legislative Counsel, and elected officials, IRI facilitates various research, learning, and evaluation opportunities provided by CRS, while simultaneously reinforcing existing Argentine resources. 

In addition to its emphasis on legislation development, IRI believes women’s involvement in politics is critical for a healthy democracy. IRI aims to increase women’s participation in government by training newly elected female leaders on best governing practices and engaging “rising star” female staffers in the Argentine National Congress through IRI’s Women’s Political Leadership Academy curriculum. Implemented at both the national and local level in Argentina, program activities reinforce the need for women’s political leadership and gender equality while promoting political inclusion. As a result of this program, IRI and the Women’s Democracy Network Argentina chapter have signed multiple Memorandums of Understanding with local level governments committed to furthering opportunities for females moving forward.  

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