Welcome to the first episode of “Global”, a new podcast by the International Republican Institute (IRI). Our inaugural episode of “Global” highlights the Russian Federation, better known as Russia.

Russia has been in the headlines for months. Putin has become a household name. You cannot turn on the television without a mention of the Kremlin. And the word “disinformation” is thrown around consistently. So what exactly is disinformation? And what is it like on-the-ground in Russia? What is the United States doing to stop Putin? And most importantly, how do the Russian people see the world around them? Find out the answers to these questions and more by listening to the first episode of “Global”.


This episode features Senator Lindsey Graham, Moscow correspondent for the New York Times Andrew Kramer and Deputy Director of IRI’s Eurasia Division and Uzbekistan native Bakhtiyor Nishanov. 


Lindsey Graham



Andrew Kramer

Moscow correspondent for the New York Times


Bakhtiyor Nishanov

Deputy Director, IRI Eurasia Division

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