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European Parliament Elections

April 2, 2019

For over sixty years, the European Parliament has been dominated by centrist coalitions of national-level parties, from both the left and the right. But in response to growing anxiety about corruption, changing demographics, and slow economic growth, Europe has seen a rise in anti-systemic parties. These parties are poised to disrupt the traditional balance of power in the upcoming May Parliamentary elections, raising questions about how the EU's policies will change on issues like collective security, immigration policy, and trade.

Will the world see "Brexit" repeated in other countries? How will the EU's relationship with Russia change? And why should the United States care about the results? To answer these questions, our host spoke to:

  • Ryan Heath - Political Editor, POLITICO Europe
  • Jan Zahradil - Member of European Parliament, Civic Democratic Party (CZ), Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists candidate for President of European Commission
  • Jan Surotchak - Senior Director for Transatlantic Strategy, International Republican Institute

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