Jorge Ceballos is currently the Resident Program Director for El Salvador; he leads the programs that are developed at the local and national level with governments and citizens; he also serves as Chief of Party of the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS) in El Salvador. 

Ceballos has more than 10 years of experience managing and implementing governance and democracy programs. Mr. Ceballos excels in managing complex political, elections and civil society programs that require close coordination and strategic leadership. His areas of expertise include designing and implementing programs that strengthen political parties and electoral processes, as well as working with civil society and civil society organizations (CSOs) throughout the region to strengthen their capacity and effectiveness at the local, subnational and national levels. Mr. Ceballos has also managed multidisciplinary teams in the implementation of local economic development, transparency and accountability, violence and crime prevention programs. He has a track record of promoting the meaningful participation and inclusion of vulnerable groups such as youth, women, LGBTI community and other marginalized groups.  

Mr. Ceballos has comprehensive knowledge of U.S. and Canada cooperation programs, has coordinated closely with funder counterparts and other donor agencies, and has a proven track record of delivering sustainable, long-term impact program results. Mr. Ceballos has been recognized for his experience in electoral and democratic processes and has been an analyst on radio and television programs to discuss these areas, and recent social and political events.

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