International Anti-Corruption Day 2022: How IRI is Fighting Corruption Around the Globe

International Anti-Corruption Day encourages people, governments, and organizations around the world to shine a light on corrupt practices plaguing their potential for advancement. In 2003, the United Nations designated December 9 as a day to raise awareness for and take steps to mitigate and prevent the corrosive effects of corruption. Nearly 20 years later, the International Republican Institute (IRI) is hard at work doing just that.  

True to its founding mission, IRI is dedicated to promoting freedom and democracy throughout its six regions and in its four initiatives. Through its programming in regions across the world, IRI connects government representatives with their citizens through open communication and by strengthening transparency. This work is not easy. Dark forces, like corruption, undermine confidence in government and institutions, especially in new and developing democracies. In response, IRI works with governments and civil society to educate citizens and public officials on anti-corruption measures. 

From polling to toolkits to regional events, IRI’s staff works tirelessly to spread awareness for vulnerabilities to corruption and strengthen individuals and organizations who can counter corruption at all levels of government. IRI’s Vulnerabilities to Corruption Approach (VCA) website shows up-to-date assessments and vulnerability scores for municipalities based on responses to questionnaires. This information allows program initiatives to effectively support governments and organizations to create viable action plans to fight duplicity.  

To learn more about the ways IRI is combating corruption, click the links below:  



Toolkits and Reports

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