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Throughout Africa, we work with citizens, political parties and public officials to:

  • Generate substantive political dialogue through the development of issue-based policies;
  • Promote strong practices of democratic governance;
  • Enhance representation and inclusion of marginalized populations; and
  • Promote meaningful participation by civil society and citizens in public life at all levels.

In Africa our core programming focuses on:

  • Building Multi-Party Political Systems: Bolstering the internal capacity of political parties to reinforce internal democracy and strengthen constituent relations that result in the promotion of issue-based platforms.
  • Democratic Governance: Facilitating citizen-government working groups, utilizing technology platforms to collect citizen input on policy issues and promoting best practices through peer-to-peer exchanges to enhance government accountability and responsiveness.
  • Empowering Marginalized Groups: Promoting the meaningful participation of marginalized groups, such as women, youth, internally displaced persons and persons with disabilities, in the democratic process.
  • Legislative Institution Building: Strengthening the capacity of legislators and their staff members to institutionalize democratic processes and procedures within legislatures and with citizens.
  • Strengthening the Electoral Process: Opening a political space for different policy platforms to inform citizens’ choices in electoral process and enhancing the transparency of elections through independent election observation.