European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN)

Understanding the critical role young people play in transparent, accountable, and responsive democracies, IRI partners with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the European Democracy Youth Network (EDYN) to provide pro-democracy leaders throughout Europe and Eurasia with the support they need to participate meaningfully in political and civic life. EDYN is a unique coalition of over 230 political leaders and civic society activists, ages 18 to 32, representing 23 countries and a broad range of backgrounds and ideologies. United by their commitment to democratic values and shared responsibility for sustaining democracy across Europe, EDYN members refrain from polarization and division, set aside their differences, and work together to find solutions for the problems their communities face.  

As a member-driven organization, EDYN is led by an elected Leadership Council and supported by Ambassadors from each of EDYN’s country chapters. EDYN is a collaborative regional platform for young leaders to exchange best practices and experiences, allowing members to learn from each other and amplify their achievements. The network’s diversity provides members the opportunity to learn and work alongside peers with whom they rarely otherwise come in contact with due to domestic polarization. 

EDYN provides dedicated resources to encourage cross-border collaboration and support member-driven initiatives while developing new skills and learning about project management firsthand. Some examples of projects EDYN members have led include a televised debate competition for youth in Albania, a joint declaration against polarization supported by youth representatives from all the political parties represented North Macedonian Parliament, and online civic education resources focused on engaging with local-level government in Moldova.  

In July 2021, EDYN registered as an independent non-profit in Bratislava, Slovakia to further support members with the assistance of a Board of Trustees and dedicated headquarters staff. Through the headquarters, EDYN continues to build a long-lasting network of domestic and international partners who support youth representation and leadership in civic and political bodies.  

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