Vulnerabilities To Corruption Approach

What Is IRI’s Vulnerabilities To Corruption Approach?

The International Republican Institute (IRI) is dedicated to promoting world freedom and democracy. We bring people together with their government representatives through open communication and transparent governance. IRI has created the Vulnerabilities to Corruption Approach (VCA) as a tool to identify weaknesses in government institutions and processes.

Having implemented the VCA around the world, IRI has worked and is working with communities to develop collaborative plans to address those potential problems and foster long-term solutions.

Corruption undermines citizens’ confidence in their government and in democracy, especially in countries in transition. In response, IRI works with governments and civil society to educate citizens and public officials on anti-corruption measures.

Latest VCA Assessments And Scores | Max VCA Score 200

For more information please refer to the methodology section of this site.

  • These scores show a municipality’s key vulnerabilities to corruption; they are derived from responses to an IRI questionnaire from a cadre of in-country corruption experts.
  • A municipality’s score is calculated by averaging the score of all expert respondents. Typically, each municipality has approximately 3-5 expert respondents.
  • The maximum possible score is 200. However, lower scores do not indicate actual or ongoing corruption, but rather, structural vulnerabilities to corruption that may be in place in a municipality.


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