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Latin America & the Caribbean

Latin America & the Caribbean

Throughout Latin American and the Caribbean, we work with citizens and public officials to:

  • Generate substantive political dialogue through the development of issue-based policies;
  • Promote effective practices of democratic governance;
  • Enhance representation and inclusion of marginalized populations; and
  • Promote meaningful participation by civil society and citizens in public life at all levels.

Our programs help citizens understand civic rights and responsibilities and articulate demands for accountability and effective representation from their government.

In Latin America and the Caribbean our core programming focuses on:

  • Legislative Skill Building: Helping parliamentary bodies develop key capabilities to increase their effectiveness in a range of legislative functions. 
  • Smart Governance: Using technology to boost accountability and citizen participation.
  • Municipal Best Practices: Helping municipalities increase their capacity to deliver services efficiently, boost citizen participation and promote economic development.
  • Civil Society Toolkit: Strengthening the skills of citizens, civil society and marginalized groups to raise awareness of community interests and concerns and advocate for them effectively.
  • Open Dialogue: Supporting a vibrant civic discourse through free expression and free flow of information.
  • Citizen Security: Creating tools to bring citizen inputs and involvement into public safety programs at local and national levels.
  • Strengthening Electoral Processes: Building skills for candidates to compete in elections and enhancing the transparency of elections through local, independent election observation.
  • Extractive Industries: Strengthening local development with citizen participation and accountability in extractive industry zones.