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What We Do

IRI solves problems. We strengthen citizen voices and help make their leaders more accountable and responsive. We help women and youth to be heard. We keep citizens and their government connected, and develop awareness of voter priorities.

Our pioneering approach—informed by our research analysis and our volunteer activists, many of whom lived through democratic transitions aided by IRI—helps us identify solutions to local issues. Needs and concerns vary within different environments. IRI understands that there are many forms of democracy and that countries will adopt and adapt democratic methods and forms to fit their unique historical experiences and culture.

IRI staff are capable of quickly adapting programs to meet the demands of changing situations. Their expertise lies in customizing solutions to individuals’ unique needs, training citizens and politicians in the democratic process, and facilitating open communication. The transition to a free democracy can last for years as players take gradual steps toward change. IRI remains in the field through job completion, then taps into the country’s experience through research to help others in their democratic transitions.

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